How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Space

Shopping for a new rug? The options are seemingly endless. With an array of sizes, materials, styles and price points, selecting the right rug for your space can feel daunting. Fortunately, by answering a few basic questions you can quickly narrow the field of choices and find a rug that works for your aesthetic, lifestyle and budget.

Where is the rug going?

For entryways, living and dining rooms, finding something that is both durable and cleanable is often key. For bedrooms, more formal sitting areas or offices, something a bit less durable can often work just fine. In living rooms and bedrooms, clients often desire something thick and soft under foot, while in high-traffic dining rooms, entryways and hallways, a flat weave or low-pile rug is preferred.

What is your budget?

How much you are comfortable investing in a rug will often dictate what materials and construction style you can afford. Hand-knotted, 100% wool rugs are durable and cleanable and can work in almost every room, but are often much more expensive than machine-made rugs comprised of synthetic fibers. If you love the idea of wool, but need to keep costs lower, a flat-weave or kilim style is often a good choice. Also look for hand-loomed vs hand-knotted wool rugs, as the faster construction method will save you money. On the other hand, if you enjoy redecorating every few years or know your living situation is temporary, it makes sense to limit your search to more budget-friendly power loomed or flat weave rugs that aren’t designed to last as long!

What is your lifestyle?

If your house is full of kids and pets, durability and cleanability are key. If you live alone, have grown kids and no pets, or are just extraordinarily tidy, you may be comfortable with less durable options.

What does the rest of the room or house look like?

If you live at the beach, or simply have a beachy aesthetic, a natural fiber rug like jute or sisal may be right up your alley. If your house is super modern, a monochromatic hand-knotted rug or contemporary patterned synthetic rug is often a great fit, while if your house leans traditional, but you want to modernize it, something transitional featuring an updated but classic pattern may be the perfect solution.

Our in-store design associates are always happy to help with these more nuanced design decisions, and answer any questions about rug construction, sizing and placement. Photos of your space will help us guide you to the perfect solution for your unique home.